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What is pre-construction condo investment?

Pre-construction condo investment involves purchasing a unit in a condominium before its construction is completed. Investors typically buy at current prices, anticipating the property's value will increase by the time construction is finished. Check the following article for more info Top 5 reasons to invest in a pre construction condo

Why invest in pre-construction condos in the GTA?

The dynamic real estate market in GTA often leads to property value appreciation. Investing in pre-construction condos early on can help lock in lower prices and yield high returns as the market prices increase.

What are the risks associated with pre-construction condo investments?

Like any investment, there are risks involved, such as construction delays, changes in the real estate market, and potential differences between the initial plan and the final product. However, conducting due diligence and researching the developer can help mitigate these risks.

What should I consider when selecting a pre-construction condo?

When considering a real estate purchase, important factors to take into account include the developer's reputation, location, potential for appreciation, amenities, and the terms of the purchase agreement.

How do I finance a pre-construction condo investment?

Consulting with a financial advisor is essential to determine the best financing strategy for your situation, which may include personal savings, loans, or mortgages.

Can i own multiple properties in the same building?

Yes, you can purchase as many as you can there is no restriction

What is the cooling period of condo?

The cooling period is the time frame for which the condo is reserved for you!

What happen to my deposit if i change my mind?

if you are in the cooling period then go to the builder office to get your return back

I bought my condo 14 days ago but my first deposit cheque hasn't been cashed why?

Sometime because of busy release the cheque take time to cash

Do i need a lawyer?

Yes you need lawyer to purchase condo to review the agreement

How much preconstruction lawyer cost?

Our pre construction lawyer cost around $1500 plus HST

What happen if i get the pre approval for the mortgage now but in future not able to pay?

We can understand things change with time but dont worry builder will permit assignment and put assignment on sale

Will the condo fee go up per year?

First of all you need to understand on the first few years the fee will be same or less cost for maintenance but over the year because of inflation it will cost you more

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