Top 7 Questions to Ask the Builder before Investing in a Project

Top 7 Questions

If you’re considering investing in pre-construction projects, it’s crucial to thoroughly question the builder and confirm all information before proceeding with any investments. This guide is particularly beneficial for realtors who are new to navigating pre-construction sales. It’s essential to guide your client to the appropriate project.

  1. What does the complete scope of the project encompass, including the number and types of units, commercial components, and community amenities?
  2. Could you provide a detailed timeline for the construction phases, including groundbreaking, significant milestones, and anticipated completion dates?
  3. What is the current status of zoning and project approvals? Are there any pending approvals that could potentially alter the project’s timeline?
  4. How have your previous projects performed in terms of success rates, adherence to timelines, and overall quality?
  5. What are the projected return on investment (ROI) and capital appreciation based on market analysis and future forecasts?
  6. Can you elaborate on the potential impacts of local development plans on this project? I am particularly interested in any nearby future developments that might influence the property’s value or residents’ quality of life.
  7. Who are the key companies and individuals involved in this project as developers, architects, and construction firms?

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