GTA Real Estate Market Stats for 2024 February

February 2024 brought forth changes in Toronto’s real estate market that will shake the status quo for buyers and sellers. Among the key highlights:

Price Surge: Toronto real estate prices picked up at an 8% month-over-month rate, rebounding from the bottom set in January 2024.

Increased Sales: According to the data from the MLS system of TRREB, there was a total of 5,607 home sales reported in February 2024 from GTA Realtors, up by 17.9% compared to February.

Market Competitiveness: The more significant Toronto area housing market saw rising market competitiveness become even more intense starting in January 2024 when the number of sales accelerated rapidly by posting a 33% increase.

Price Index: One month earlier, HPI had dropped by 1.2% from a month earlier in January 2024 but reindexed in February.

Year-on-Year Sales Increase: Home sales for Toronto were up 17.9% year-over-year in February, recording 5,607 sales.

Median Prices Fluctuations: GTA Real Estate Market Feb 2024 stats indicate fluctuations in median prices from May to August. “Such trends and dynamics indicate that a market is strong and viable enough to respond to the varying economic factor implications by way of providing opportunities and challenges correspondingly for investors, homeowners, and real estate professionals.

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